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  • Essential Oils

    Aromatherapy by essential oils can stimulate areas of your limbic system of your brain that plays a very important role in  calming emotions, behaviours, sense of smell, and long-term memory

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  • Aroma Candles

    Aroma candles are prepared from special extracts to help ease your mind and relieve stress. These candles can improve focus, can be energizing and help to relieve anxiety and depression.

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  • Special soap

    Special Soaps

    Be gentle to your skin and use special soaps. Help your skin to stay young by only using pure and natural 

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  • Christmas Box of Four

    The Esoteric-Echo candles with their intricate design and exquisite fragrance make the perfect gift for any special occasion. Thanks for a great product!


  • Starlight- Scented Candle

    Bringing it all together beautifully. Thanks Esoteric-echo for these gorgeous candles

    -Zujaja Yahya

    Starlight Candle 
  • Celebration - Festive Pine

    This Soy wax, smokeless candle by Esoteric-echo is magical! Its fragrant, jar less & did not melt for hours. Checkout these Paraffin Free candles and organic soaps from Esoteric-echo.

    -Falak Amaar

    Festive Pine 
  • Esoteric Candles

    I just wanted to show you that this candle has been burning for 23 hours ... No smoke and the smell / fragrance travels in the whole house except Kitchen ... Amazing


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