Diwali 2021 : Festival of Lights

"If everything around seems dark, look again, you may be the light.

Don’t you know yet? It is your light that lights the world"


Diwali is the festival of colours and light, a celebration of the human spirit where the lights symbolize the victory of good and kind, victory of knowledge and enlightenment. From cleansing of souls, to the hearts and the universe, there is guidance, beauty and a lot of energies for the glorious future. Every candle carries the message of wish, aim, ambition and protection. Each flame is lit with emotions and warmth.


While the global situation remains unpredictable, distances from loved ones have increased bringing with it anxiety and sadness. Celebrations are losing the power to bring people together and strengthen the bond that they once propagated. Hope is not lost and spirits are still high as humans by nature have been a resilient species. We look for moments of happiness, love and peace in the dullest of days, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Love still flourishes and passion still wants to tell the story of union.

As we approach that time of intimate connections with truth and kindness this Diwali, let us keep our traditions and festive spirits alive. Let us not lose hope of a bright future and enlightenment for all. Let us light each candle with love and send out pure energy of harmony, union and belief in good.

Diwali candle

With our range of aesthetically beautiful, vibrant and artsy candles, we are making sure that we keep the love and passion alive for Diwali. Let us make a wish with each flame that we light, that we come closer to our loved ones and the next Diwali is celebrated like it has been for hundreds of years.


diwali candleLet us dedicate one beautiful candle to every special person in our lives who we miss to mark their presence on this auspicious occasion. What is it about certain smells that enthrall us, that captivates our heart and soul, about the way they invoke memories that transports us back through time right to where we left off? Let our fragrances take you back in time to those special moments, that one glance that you shared with your loved ones, or bring back a flood of memories that you hold dear to your heart? Was it that first rose you got, or the smell of your freshly bathed child, or the scent of your mother or the smells of your home that you left behind diwali candlethat you want to relive? Let our candles ignite that fire in you, let them give expression to your thoughts, words to your feelings, and a song to your dance. We want to cherish moments even with the distance and uncertainty, because we at Esoteric Echo believe in sending out magical energies of wishes and dreams. Every wish that is sent out with truth comes alive in the universe and gets a life of its own.

So, this Diwali light a candle, dream on and wish big, you will see that the universe will conspire, gather all its energies and make it a reality for you.

Till then stay safe and stay healthy!

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Arwa Kapasi

                                           About The Author   

Arwa Kapasi is an artist who has an eye for detail and a soulful depth to her creativity. She practices Meditation , yoga and spiritual healing exercises to keep herself balanced and going through daily chaos. She endorses organic healing and makes sure she creates her daily use products at home


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