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“The tragic thing, they say, about Day and Night is that they can never be together. But in that fleeting moment where day and night do meet, the world turns a brilliant orange”



Day and Night… are they just cyclical movements of the earth, or is it time to rise, create or a time to put to rest? The seamless merging of one into the other like two lovers completing each other for that brief fleeting moment. Do you see them as same, where one is meaningless without the other, or, are they their own distinctive identity? What do they mean to you? Whether the Day gets you going or the Night fires your soul, each stands with its own fragrances, aura and energies. The day smells of a fresh start, brings in a flurry of movement, of endless opportunities and most importantly of new beginnings. It says stay in Now and leave the past behind and start with new passion and zeal. The night on the other hand brings in peace, mystery, dreams and a quiet that moves your soul. You hear loud and clear the voices within that you quiet during the frenzy of the day.

Tin jar candles

You can never go wrong with when to light a candle. The sun goes up and dawn breaks bringing with it a myriad of colours that peep through the window sill. Our festive 4 has been designed keeping in mind that life is not just black and white, but a plethora of colours and patterns like the intricate rangoli you make at your doorstep. You start the day with a jog, walk, yoga, meditation or a much needed cup of tea. Across most cultures around the world, mornings are associated with meditation, prayers and the ritual of cleaning and being with the divine in the purest state of existence. It’s the perfect time to light up a candle just as your mother lit the lamp to infuse your homes with positivity, warmth and love. Our candles made with Rose essential oil are as pure as the flowers you would offer the Lord.

Mornings are also the time for exercises, for investing in your health in the form of yoga, walk, Taiichi, dance and many other fitness routines. Peppermint oil is known for its energizing and refreshing properties and will revitalize you after a fulfilling workout, so what would hold you back from lighting a peppermint infused candles?





 Nothing says morning like a morning cuppa. Stimulating and invigorating, it is the most important activity of the day. 

tin jar candles

Light the beautiful and brightly designed yellow jar filled with tangy lemon essential oil scented candles to indulge in your own personal tea ceremony. As the day moves on let our vanilla candles fill your lives with sweetness and lessen the pain of being away from your loved ones as you fight your desires to be with them.

The evening comes bringing with it a time to take a moment, pause and reflect on the day gone by. It is the time to return to your nest, to your roots, to be back home. Home, a place where you recharge and rejuvenate. A place where you can be your truest self, a place of acceptance and love. Our Baltic Amber infused candle will strike a note in the deepest corners of your heart. Highly sought after for its healing properties, it is associated with the solar plexus chakra and is known to relieve headaches, pain and anxiety.  This jar will not only bring fragrance and healing into your home but will make it look aesthetic and beautiful as well. As you head into the shower, let the citrusy aroma of Goji Taracco Orange tingle your skin and instantly uplift your spirits like a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, brimming with taste, and tantalizing your taste buds. Taracco orange and goji berries are rich in Vitamin C and known for its antioxidant effect. As you sit in the still of the night trying to gather your thoughts, making meaning out of your life, the flowers are blooming and the breeze is gentle and balmy much like the scent of gardenia, but only it comes from the candle burning nearby. The night burns on and so does passion. Give yourself the TLC, kiss your child goodnight, or sink into your bed with a book or into the arms of that someone special who lights the fire within. No matter how you choose to end your day, always end it with gratitude, prayer, smile. Fire up Mon Paris, a candle with floral notes of a bouquet of sweet-smelling flowers, get lost in a dream and life will be beautiful.

Take a deep breath, relax, and imagine yourself exactly as you wish to be… your dreams don’t have an expiry date.

Arwa Kapasi


                                          About The Author 

Arwa Kapasi is an artist who has an eye for detail and a soulful depth to her creativity. She practices Meditation , yoga and spiritual healing exercises to keep herself balanced and going through daily chaos. She endorses organic healing and makes sure she creates her daily use products at home

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